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10 Best Web Design Software in 2020

10 Best Web Design Software

Web design software can be handy for building your website easily. Creating a beautiful website hasn’t an easy task to do a few years ago because you need to have professional coding knowledge to build website layouts. However, now there are several online tools and software to simplify the process.

The best web design software has a visual interface, allowing you to drag and drop links, text and images as if you were designing a poster or presentation.

Here is a list of the best web design software in 2020

1. Weebly 

Weebly is a free and paid website builder tool to create a beautiful site without any web design skill. You can easily choose your responsive templates and customize your site with a professional look. Weebly is great for starting a blog or DIY e-commerce website. It has some useful features like SEO, analytics, and posting ads directly to Facebook.

2. Adobe Dreamweaver 

If you are looking at the best professional web design software, Adobe Dreamweaver is the right choice for you. This is the perfect program for web designers to build creative and complex website templates. It comes with lots of amazing features that lets designers work professionally and effectively.

3. Sketch 

Sketch is one of the best web design software for Mac OS devices. It can be used for designing the UI and UX of mobile apps and the web. Sketch digital design toolkit allows you to create your project from your earliest concept ideas to final design work.

4. Figma 

Figma is a collaborative web design tool which lets teams create and test better UI & UX designs from start to finish.

5. Canva 

This graphic design online tool will assist you in creating PSD template or any other layouts concept for your design projects. Canva offers many free features that can be handy for web designers to work on their design templates.

6. Bootstrap 

Responsive design is one of the essential features of web templates. Hence, Bootstrap perfect solution for designers to build responsive themes. This free and open-source CSS framework help you at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development projects. 

7. Adobe Photoshop 

Every web template starts with concept design ideas. So, Adobe Photoshop is the excellent professional software for web designers to create PSD web layouts from the beginning stages to final output.  

8. Brackets

Brackets is a free and open-source text editor software for web development. It’s created by Adobe from the ground up for web designers and front-end developers. This includes live preview features which let designers easily understand and make changes while developing a web theme. 

9. GIMP 

Are you looking Adobe Photoshop alternative? GIMP is the best free graphic design software for web designers to create web layouts. The licenced come out under GPLv3+, and you can install on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows 10.

10. Wix 

Wix is one of the best and easy web design builder for non-techie people to build a site. It offers a free and paid version. Premium version has more features and multiple templates design. Wix is a good web builder for a personal blog, photographer and small business site.